With the coming of spring, we might find our pockets to be just a tad bit heavier than usual. Yes, I am talking about the much-anticipated tax return. With mine, I decided to purchase a Cintiq 13HD. The first piece that I decided to work on with my new Cintiq was a portrait of a Fawn. I must say I was pleased with how well the Cintiq works and with how much faster I was able to start off my sketches.

Personally, I love working on Fawns. I’ve done quite a bit of traditional sketches and paintings of Fawns and other horned humanoid creatures. This one lacks horns but is adorned with headband or roses, which I think is a nice trade off. I tried to make the nose seem like a blend of a human’s and a deer’s, but it only looks as if she has makeup on. Regardless, I think it turned out just peachy, especially for my first piece done on the Cintiq.