Kick with Kelly

Project Description

Kelly is a personal trainer with a focus on providing a community of women with a new perspective on fitness, weight lifting, and openness of women from different walks of life. 

This design was done under contract for Moonlit Media.

Project Details

Client Moonlit Media – Kick with Kelly
Date November 2019
Skills Branding, Logo


This logo balances strength with femininity in a way that also comes off as fun and friendly. The imagery centers on a strong-looking woman with soft hair, features, and colors.

Responsive Site

Like the imagery, the logotype elegantly balances a feminine font with a sans serif – the sans serif is lowercase with makes it look more friendly and approachable. 

The colors also play with the balance, pink, green, and dark navy, create a bright and fun tone. Reminding up it’s fun to work out.

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