Mei Malia

Project Description

This illustration was created to represent a brand that holds strong in their Black and Hawaiian roots. The client wanted an illustration for the packaging for their hair extensions –  a new business that the client hopes to pass down to her granddaughter.

This design was done under contract for Moonlit Media.


Project Details

Client Moonlit Media – Mei Malia
Date October 2019
Skills Illustration


The client directed the illustration to focus on the full hair and sun-kissed skin – traits she holds with pride. Great care was taken to make sure the skin tone was luminous and rich.

The main imagery is contained in a circle to make it easy to center and place on products and to use in marketing.

The font is both strong, as the serifs look rooted, while maintaining an air of elegance and femininity with its light weight.

Sketches & Concepts

Several high fidelity sketches were made to express different levels of detail and give the client accessory options. 

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