U-Haul Investors Club Giveaway

Project Description

I created this giveaway image while employed as UI Designer for U-Haul International. The U-Haul Inverstors Club requested that I create an image to advertise a gift card giveaway to the followers on their Facebook page.

This project is property of U-Haul International Inc.

Project Details

Client U-Haul International
Date February 2016
Skills Illustration
View facebook.com/UHaulInvestorsClub/

The Design

For this project, I decided to use a flat, minimalist illustration style. I used neutral colors for the background so that the bright U-Haul Orange gift card and text would become the design’s focal point. The thick stroke around the focal points adds depth as it pulls the arm and card forward away from the other reaching hands.

Facebook Post

I was inspired by the feel of Duolingo’s image posts and I feel that final result of this image lives up to that feeling. The subtle use of the brand colors ties in with the other branding elements of the page and the illustration is just different enough from the other page contest that draws your attention to this particular post.

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