U-Haul Destination Cities

Project Description

In 2017, U-Haul’s Social Media began to research the most migrated to cities of the past year, aka Destination Cities, based on the movement of U-Haul trucks across the US and Canada. I was tasked with creating graphics for this project.

This project is property of U-Haul International Inc.

Project Details

Client U-Haul International Inc.
Date May 2017
Skills Illustration
View My U-Haul Story – US Destination City


My idea for the main illustration of the graphic was a snow globe, which is evident in the shape of the background. The background is a city skyline that changes depending on the location. Here, for example, is the Brooklyn Bridge. The foreground, of course, features a U-Haul truck.


Each city is ranked and contains a silhouette of their state. There is a square version for Instagram that links to the city’s article on myuhaulstory.com, while the longer versions are used as hero images. I was also tasked to create a design for a pull-quote to be used in the article. Like the main graphic is features a skyline in the background.

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