U-Haul Towing Resource

Project Description

U-Haul is a great resource for all things DIY moving, including trailers and hitches. Because the information is so vast and spread out over the site, it made sense to finally compile all the information in one place.

Design is property of U-Haul International.

*Project is still in development, contact me for password access to prototype.

Project Details

Client U-Haul International
Date May 2015
Skills UI, UX
View Prototype*


The idea behind this resource was creating a hub for all things DIY trailer and hitch related, including safety, community outreach, helpful products, a glossary, and so much more. In order to help organize the plethora of information a landing page was created to help direct users to specific places. A drop down from the main navigation was to be made in order help the user move around. (It is still in the conceptual stage on it’s own as the navigation is also being refreshed and refined.)

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