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Project Description

For almost my entire career at U-Haul, the home page has always been a pain point for everyone. It was outdated and definitely not optimized for mobile users. After a lot of work, U-Haul.com finally had the facelift it deserved.

This design is owned by U-Haul International.

Project Details

Client U-Haul International
Date November 2019
Skills UI/UX
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Responsive Design

Before this redesign, the site was pulling separate style sheets to push a mobile design. A huge effort was made to begin U-Haul’s journey to a fully responsive experience that started with the homepage. Now the same experience can be had by mobile and desktop users. 

Large Viewport Comparison

The biggest change is an update to the style of the site – it is much cleaner, more modern, and better organized. There is a more obvious visual hierarchy. Looking at the older design you get lost with all the competing elements The use of a hero helps create a better separation of elements. By making the hero a slider, U-Haul is able to spotlight more of their services that might further help the user with their move.  

Mobile Viewport Comparison

Again, because the homepage is now responsive, you have a similar experience across all devices. Before, the mobile site was so different, almost as if it was a completely different site. Now the home page is visually more interesting and the user can connect to the content since the layout allows for more images. While user now has to scroll a bit more, there is more context so the user can more easily consume the information. 

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