Artimus Robotics

Artimus Robotics

Project Overview.

Artimus Robotics specializes in engineering and designing soft linear actuators and connected hardware, they pioneer the future of automation and robotics with intelligent, lifelike motion. Their groundbreaking technology redefines traditional robotics, offering soft, quiet, and remarkably lifelike products that seamlessly blend natural movements with cutting-edge technology. For their logo, the client envisioned a fusion of tech imagery and the natural, lifelike motions their products embody.

This project was under contract of Moonlit Media.

Artimus Robotics
September 2020
Branding, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

Crafting the perfect logo for our client, I embarked on a journey to intertwine their tech aspirations with the grace of nature. Exploring their innovative HASEL actuators, I discovered a fascinating resemblance to the fluid, tentacle-like movements of a jellyfish—a perfect fit!

The jellyfish’s bell, mirroring the HASEL actuators’ gel-like appearance, became the centerpiece. Precision was key; the symmetrical and meticulous lines reflect the attention to detail vital in serving the medical, aerospace, and electronic industries. The sleek, ordered design encapsulates the harmony of technology and nature, embodying the essence of our client’s pioneering work.

The brand.

In crafting this brand, I sought to infuse vibrancy while staying rooted in the essence of technology and science. The color palette, showcasing vivid greens and blues, seamlessly complements the tech-centric vibe and echoes the graceful imagery of the jellyfish. Utilizing gradients within the palette was deliberate; it elegantly conveys the gel-like texture synonymous with our client’s innovative products.

The choice of Aqum as our primary font was intentional—it embodies softness and roundness, mirroring the gentle essence of their creations. Complementing Aqum, the inclusion of Montserrat Light serves as a neutral, unobtrusive font, harmonizing with the tagline without overshadowing Aqum, our main typographic focus.