I am a designer, illustrator, artist, and story teller.

My Name is Camille Medina - I am Guilty343.

Digital Design

I create fabulous digital designs both as an in-house and freelance designer.

Need a site for business or personal reasons? I can definitely help you out!

Print and Branding

Branding, logos, and print designs – Oh my!

I love helping people create a brand that expresses who they are and working with strong brands to create new designs

Personal Work

Creating digital paintings, posters, and stickers is one of my hobbies. I also work with traditional tools – ink, watercolor, and acrylic.

Like something? Grab yourself print!


Concept Art

I’ve created characters and concept art for myself and others.

What inspires them to create a great narrative inspires me to create great characters and concepts.

Recent Posts

Animation Process – Over the Garden Wall

I've heard about Over the Garden Wall for a while now, but just recently had the chance to really sit down and watch it. I was immediately in awe of story, animation, and music. It is absolutely amazing - so beautifully done. I really appreciate the animation in this...

Unearthly TV Teaser – “Signs” Parody

Not many know, but I have been working with Jeremy Sanchez on some animation projects on his youtube channel GhostToast Animation. His channel features the popular Sad Slenderman animation that has had over 2 million views. If you have not seen it, I suggest you check...

Memories of the Spare Bedroom

At an early point in my life, I remember my aunt living in a wonderful two-story house. It had two living rooms and a bedroom to spare. My sister and I always seemed to think that this was what a mansion was like. Most of my memories of this house were fond ones....

Shadows in the Hallway

It had been about three hours since Momma tucked me in, kissed my head and turned off the light. The green glow of my digital clock read 12:07 AM. My heart started beating quicker, making it almost difficult for me to breathe. I rearranged my stuffed animals around my...

Video Game Poster – Process

I recently got my first official commission and I must say it was quite a tall order. The request was a 6 poster piece with each poster focusing on a specific video game character. Six different characters - that meant that there would be six different styles I would...

Fawn – Process

With the coming of spring, we might find our pockets to be just a tad bit heavier than usual. Yes, I am talking about the much-anticipated tax return. With mine, I decided to purchase a Cintiq 13HD. The first piece that I decided to work on with my new Cintiq was a...