Project Overview.

Introducing Nate Hester—an artist whose studio in Durham, NC, serves as a sanctuary for his craft. Specializing in the intricate art of black-and-white figure drawing, Nate weaves landscapes with the ethereal touch of charcoal and Sumi ink.

Beyond his studio walls, Nate champions ArtSquawk—an initiative dedicated to reinvigorating the visual arts in American culture. His vision? To construct a vibrant online haven, a supportive network and forum, fostering connections among visual artists. With ArtSquawk, Nate aims to dismantle barriers hindering artists from entering the marketplace, sparking a new era of creative expression.

This project was created under contract with Moonlit Media.

The Nate Hester Studio
January 2022
Branding, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

Nate Hester had a distinct vision for his logo—a proud crowing rooster captured in the essence of a woodblock print. As an illustrator, this request resonated deeply, sparking my creative enthusiasm.

I took flight with the concept, crafting three distinct versions with varying levels of detail, tailored to different use cases. Each rendition embodies the spirited crowing rooster, meticulously etched in the allure of a woodblock print—a seamless union of Nate’s vision and my illustrative flair.

The brand.

This brand breaks norms, just like Nate Hester’s spirited rooster. The color palette, bold and vibrant, mirrors the rooster’s loud demeanor—nothing traditional here! We’ve embraced funky hues that resonate with the rooster’s audacious charm.

Adding to our avant-garde approach is the unique font, Monoton. Its retro vibes and distinctive style inject an unconventional yet captivating essence into our brand. What’s more, Monoton being a Google Font ensures seamless usage across future web and digital ventures, embodying Nate’s brand’s eccentricity effortlessly.