Beans & Burritos

Beans & Burritos

Project Overview.

A returning client, Jorge, reached out to me after we collaborated on a logo for his tax business a few years back. This time, he had an exciting venture in mind—a new café specializing in delicious burritos and coffee. His vision emphasized a playful approach that resonated with our shared Hispanic heritage.

Jorge Carrasco
May 2020
Branding, Logo Design, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

The imagery exudes a playful and fun vibe, cleverly forming the impression of sunglasses using coffee mugs atop a whimsically oversized mustache. Surrounding the face are vibrant triangles reminiscent of Mexican Papel Picado, adding a colorful touch to the design.

The brand.

The brand identity features a lively color palette anchored by a deep brown hue symbolizing coffee beans. Complementing this, four vibrant colors evoke the playful essence found in Mexican art.

The choice of a rounded, bold font imparts a sense of warmth and friendliness to the logo. Employing solely lowercase letters enhances the approachability of the design.