Flip Flop Caravan

Flip Flop Caravan

Project Overview.

Meet Katy Paras—an innovative photographer with a passion for sustainability and storytelling. Katy’s artistic journey revolves around selling fine art prints elegantly framed in refurbished, thrifted frames. Her expertise lies not just in capturing moments but in crafting environmentally-conscious photography products.

Beyond photography, Katy breathes new life into vintage and pre-loved items. Each piece in her collections carries its own unique story, weaving together past lives and cherished narratives. As Katy delves into selling her prints and curating found treasures, she sought a brand that encapsulates her artistic ventures and ethos.

Kelly Paras
January 2023
Branding, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

Crafting Katy Paras’ logo was an exploration into the fusion of simplicity and vibrancy. The design encapsulates a midcentury modern room decor, cleverly simplified to embody a playful yet sophisticated essence. Layers interlace, offering a captivating sense of depth and intrigue within the imagery. The logo harmoniously marries simplicity and intricacy, mirroring the charm and allure of Katy’s creative endeavors.

The brand.

In shaping Katy Paras’ brand, we’ve embraced bold and vivacious colors that evoke the spirit of midcentury modern style. The palette, bursting with brightness, pays homage to the era’s vibrant aesthetic, infusing energy into the brand.

Complementing this lively palette is the font Nourd, an all-caps typeface that offers a contemporary twist on the timeless midcentury vibe. Its sleek lines and modern flair add a touch of sophistication, seamlessly intertwining past influences with present-day elegance. Together, these elements define Katy’s brand, exuding the essence of a modernized midcentury marvel.