Goldsboro Dental Arts

Goldsboro Dental Arts

Project Overview.

Initially, the client sought an illustration for a printed vinyl wall mural. They were so thrilled with the final result that they subsequently requested a logo derived from the illustration.

This design was done under contract for Moonlit Media.

Goldsboro Dental Arts
January 2019
Sketching, Vector Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

The logo design journey began with a client’s request for a truly unique illustration. Plover birds and Nile Crocodiles share a fascinating symbiotic relationship; Plovers clean the croc’s mouth and skin by feeding on parasites and debris, while the crocodile refrains from harming the bird. It’s nature’s unique partnership—a dentist in the wild.

The goal was to whimsically portray this unusual relationship, aiming to entertain children visiting the dental office. This peculiar imagery laid the foundation for Goldsboro Dental Art’s entire brand!

The brand.

The logo comprises a simplified rendition of the enclosed illustration framed within a circle, ensuring seamless adaptability across diverse media platforms like websites and marketing materials. The color palette directly mirrors the various shades found in the primary illustration.

Utilizing the Montserrat typeface family adds a professional yet approachable touch, making it an ideal fit for this logo design.