U-Haul Destination Cities

U-Haul Destination Cities

Project Overview.

In 2017, U-Haul’s Social Media team delved into researching the most frequented cities of the year, known as Destination Cities. This analysis was based on the movement of U-Haul trucks across the United States and Canada. I undertook the responsibility of crafting graphics for this project.

This project is the property of U-Haul International Inc.

U-Haul International Inc.
May 2017
Sketching, Vector Illustration, Layout Design, Web Graphics, Adobe Illustrator

The concept.

The concept behind the primary illustration was inspired by a snow globe, reflected in the background’s shape. The backdrop showcases a city skyline that dynamically changes according to the location; for instance, here, it portrays the Brooklyn Bridge. In the foreground, the focal point highlights a U-Haul truck.

The final look.

Every city is ranked and accompanied by the silhouette of its respective state. A square version tailored for Instagram links directly to the city’s article on myuhaulstory.com, while longer versions serve as impactful hero images. Additionally, I was responsible for designing a pull quote to feature within the article, mirroring the skyline motif seen in the main graphic.