Project Overview.

Angel approached me on LinkedIn for help establishing a logo and branding for his new start-up WellWagz. On the surface, WellWagz appears to be a dog activity tracker, but it promises to be more. Giving context and meaning to activity data WellWagz hopes to create community and meaning around healthy lifestyles for dogs and their humans.

Angel Leon
March 2024
Branding, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Adobe Illustrator

The logo.

While discussing the needs and motivations behind his ideas, Angel often talked about his Border Collies and they influenced his journey to lead him to where he is now with WellWagz. That inspired me to create a brand around the imagery of a leaping Border Collie. It was an immediate hit as it encompassed his history and future with the brand.

The brand.

Angel and I workshopped his brand creating brand personas and exploring meaningful color schemes based on his experiences. We came to this calming monochromatic scheme that projects both wellness and growth.

While mood boarding inspiration I noticed Angel gravitated toward futuristic style fonts, so I incorporated that with the rounded futuristic font Labora. When paired with the imagery it feels more sporty than sci-fi, which aligns nicely with the tones of the brand. This brand will become the foundation for the future design system of the WellWagz app.