Classic Homes of Maryland

Classic Homes of Maryland

Project Overview.

Collaborating with Classic Homes, a distinguished high-end luxury home builder, our project centered around crafting the Classic Homes of Maryland website. Known for creating multimillion-dollar homes tailored to each client’s unique vision, the website aimed to mirror the opulence and exclusivity of their clientele’s lifestyle.

The primary challenge was encapsulating opulence while maintaining approachability—a delicate balance between luxury and warmth. The design needed to exude sophistication without veering into ostentation.

Classic Homes, Inc
June 2021
UI, UX, Adobe XD

Brand Identity

Much like Classic Home takes its clients through a workshop to establish their home style, we took them on a similar journey to establish a new digital brand identity. Workshopping the brand with the Classic Homes team led to the creation of a delicate style of architectural themes in the design system. This perfectly aligns with the need to feel upscale while still nodding to their technical builder industry.

The design of the website emphasized subtlety and refinement, steering clear of ostentatious elements while showcasing the essence of luxury. Soft, neutral colors and delicate patterns served as an understated yet powerful backdrop, allowing the stunning imagery of these multimillion-dollar homes to shine through.

Challenges & Solutions.

Guided by an initial creative direction, our team expanded upon the existing concepts to develop high-fidelity prototypes for the custom website. The visual language intertwined thin-line patterns and soft neutral colors, providing an elegant backdrop that allowed the high-quality imagery and renderings of these luxury homes to take center stage.

Layering fine line patterns over bold colors softens the dark colors and elevates the line work. Pairing this with decadent image galleries and collages we elevate the web experience to balance elegance and exclusivity with approachability.


The resultant website successfully encapsulates the essence of Classic Homes of Maryland. It radiates sophistication and opulence without being overbearing or aloof. Through meticulous attention to detail and a nuanced design approach, the site captures the luxurious essence of these custom-built homes while inviting potential clients into a refined and welcoming online experience.