High Street

High Street

Project Overview.

Collaborating with Anderson Advertising, I embarked as creative lead on a project to create a dynamic website for High Street—a thriving upscale urban district in Phoenix, AZ. The site aimed to serve as a comprehensive directory showcasing the eclectic range of shops, services, events, and entertainment available in this vibrant district.

Anderson Advertsing
October 2022
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Wordpress, Elementor

User Research

Anderson Advertising became our liaison to the client, taking point on the needs and motivations of their user base. Working with Anderson’s team we created a thorough content strategy map to convey what type of content is necessary to motivate the user through the site. We also note specific CTA’s throughout the journey to give the user the means to interact and have a successful experience.

Content strategy maps help clients understand the marketing strategy and feel more confident in our decisions as creative leads. Part of delivering a successful solution is also creating confidence in the client through agency partnership. The creative process experience for a client is just as important as the user’s experience.

Brand Identity

Workshopping off of the brand marketing style guide as the foundation, I crafted a thorough web style guide and design system they would be able to use to update and add to the site as needed. Dark, a little bit moody, but a lot of fun the aesthetics of their site would reflect the tones of nightlife High Street is known for.

Leveraging rough home page design concepts provided by Anderson Advertising, I successfully merged their visions with the content strategy and the design system to create this beautiful collaborative experience.

Challenges & Solutions.

The primary challenge was to translate Anderson Advertising’s style guide into an engaging web interface that reflected the upscale and trendy ambiance of High Street. Each store or service within the district required a dedicated page that conveyed crucial information like offerings, hours, and more. The site became an extensive directory showcasing the diverse offerings of High Street’s upscale urban district. Each shop or service received a dedicated page highlighting essential information. The site also featured a dedicated events section, highlighting the bustling entertainment scene, particularly the comedy club’s frequent events.

Utilizing WordPress with Elementor, we streamlined the development process. Dynamic page templates were implemented for event listings and directory detail pages, ensuring efficient content management and reducing development time.


The collaboration with Anderson Advertising and adherence to Elementor best practices resulted in a smooth and efficient website build. The final product represented the trendy and urban essence of High Street, offering visitors a seamless and engaging experience while exploring the district’s array of shops, services, and events. The dynamic templates and design system significantly enhanced content management, ensuring the website remains consistent with the brand and up-to-date.