Hormoglow App Prototype

Hormoglow App Prototype

Project Overview.

Mountwood High School in El Paso, Texas, is not just a center for education but a hub of innovation led by the visionary Tabatha Schacht. As the leader of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), Tabatha guides students in creating groundbreaking biomedical solutions that compete on a statewide stage. This project dives into the transformative journey of designing an app for one such innovation, Hormoglow.

Hormoglow, a revolutionary biomedical device, monitors body hormones and delivers real-time data to users and their healthcare providers. Our challenge was to design an app that seamlessly complements Hormoglow, offering intuitive tracking and analysis features. Beyond monitoring, the app includes reminders and alerts, empowering users to proactively manage their health.

Tabatha Schacht
February 2023
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Competitor Research, App Design

User Research

With the Hormaglow team being a group of teenagers, I decided the best approach to helping them understand user empathy and journies was to work with them to create personas. We identified two types of user scenarios – IVF monitoring and gender-affirming care.

I walked the group to personify each scenario as a person and what their goals, motivations, and needs looked like.Fabiola and Riley (our personas) helped me communicate different use cases and helped the team understand different user flows and identify potential pain points in their app.

Brand Identity

Along with mentoring the team through the user journey I also workshopped a logo and brand with them. This helped me create a small design system for the future app screens I would create for their presentation. I led them through a realistic client-designer experience to help them communicate their ideas and goals in a professional setting.

Ultimately we came to the to current brand with the UI, featuring a light font family and calming greens, successfully establishing a friendly and calming visual environment, contributing to stress reduction associated with health monitoring.


Navigating the development of the Hormoglow app prototype presented several challenges that were effectively addressed to create a user-friendly and comprehensive health management solution. The onboarding process, offering users two starting paths of either signing in or registering with a provider code, underwent an iterative design to streamline the experience. Ensuring automatic syncing of the device after registration required technical finesse, resulting in a smooth transition for users from registration to the dashboard.

Organizing and presenting extensive hormone data and cycle tracking in a manner accessible to users outside the medical field was a key consideration, leading to an intuitive design. The app’s success lies in its ability to seamlessly guide users, present data intuitively, and offer a comprehensive yet approachable health management experience, including support for multiple providers, medication reminders, and level alerts.