Hurricane Resource

Hurricane Resource

Project Overview.

Historically, U-Haul has always strived to help those hit hardest by natural disasters. Starting with Hurricanes, U-Haul decided to create educational and helpful resources for users in disaster areas.

This design is owned by U-Haul International.

U-Haul International
Fall 2019
UI, UX, Adobe XD

Challenges & Solutions.

The general public is largely unaware of U-Haul’s disaster relief programs and valuable preparedness products. This page aims to go beyond promoting U-Haul’s offerings, striving to educate users about surviving natural disasters by offering tips and resources. Balancing informative content with a sales approach is challenging; the goal is to avoid sounding too sales-oriented.

Conducting user research and auditing disaster resources was crucial to maintain a strong focus on education rather than pushing sales. The aim is to empower users with knowledge while gently guiding them towards valuable resources without an overt sales pitch.


The page strikes a balance between safety resources and helpful products without overwhelming with sales pitches. It’s all about ensuring users feel well-informed while easily finding items for their disaster kits.

To tackle the heavy content, each section was broken down for effortless reading. For smaller screens, it’s the same content but neatly organized using accordions. This makes scrolling easier and helps users quickly find what they need.

This design will set the tone for future disaster pages like earthquakes and tornadoes, keeping things consistent and user-friendly.