Is That Even Legal?

Is That Even Legal?

Project Overview.

Robert Sewell, known for his inquisitive nature, approached us for the creation of a website that would serve as a platform for his engaging podcast, “Is That Even Legal?” This podcast delves into discussions about dubious legality with attorneys and guests in the legal field.

Robert Sewell
May 2023
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Wireframing

User Research

The Even Legal team regularly interacts with their user base, and having a podcaster/listener relationship gives the team unique insight into their user base. Having this relationship means a solid understanding of their user’s motivations and needs. This led me to focus on content strategy mapping and improving the user journey.

The Even Legal site is small so I was able to get granular with my content map, focusing on the specifics of each section of the landing page. The user would navigate the sections with a typical navigation experience using anchors instead of pages. Sections would either educate the user, creating more familiarity and closeness, or motivate the user to share and listen to soundbites or specific episodes.

Brand Identity

The Even Legal team communicated that the site should be a reflection of Bob. Instead of workshopping a brand persona for the site the team and I made a brand persona off of Bob. His personality was not a direct influence on the brand.

I created a visual story quite literally around Bob with a custom set of illustrations that follow him through the site. They add texture and interest to bold backgrounds while aiding in the playful atmosphere that Bob creates with his listeners.

Challenges & Solutions.

Our challenge was to capture Bob’s distinct personality in the website’s design. To achieve this, we employed a fusion of vibrant photography and playful illustrations. The site layout needed to balance concise information with robust content, ensuring a smooth user experience without excessive scrolling.

Our design solution was a reflection of Bob’s vibrant and inquisitive nature. We crafted dedicated single pages for podcast episodes while consolidating essential information onto the main home page. The goal was to create a bright, fun site that mirrored Bob’s personality while keeping the user engaged and informed.


The final product is a visually appealing and user-friendly website that offers an immersive introduction to Bob Sewell’s curious mind. Visitors can easily listen to episodes or share compelling soundbites from different segments. Through a blend of captivating design and concise information, the site stands as a perfect representation of Bob’s podcast and his unique personality.