SitePro Solutions

SitePro Solutions

Project Overview.

SitePro is one of many staffing projects created for ZOE Holdings, a valued and recurring client known for collaborative projects. SitePro Solutions, developed for ZOE Holdings, is a specialized staffing website catering to the national construction industry. The platform focuses on connecting top talent with job opportunities, facilitating contract positions, direct hires, and contract-to-hire placements.

ZOE Holding
October 2021
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Competitor Research

User Research

ZOE Holding’s is no stranger to staffing websites and knows its user base well across all industries they serve. With that in mind, I decided to use the client’s experience to my benefit and move to content strategy and the user journey. The content strategy map would also be the foundation for the design system component blocks to be designed and then built for Elementor.

The experience of Site Pro Solution would follow similar flows to ZOE Holding’s other products to keep a consistent experience rather than visual design as their calling card. Within the content strategy map, clear user means through specific calls to action are noted and defined with the user motivation to be established with the content itself and the visuals.

Brand Identity

Leading the creative direction, I workshopped the brand with the ZOE team using the Site Pro logo as the main keystone for their web brand. During the workshop, the ZOE team and I created a brand persona and built the visual strategy around it.

The visual strategy balances professionalism and rugged appeal that embraces industry-specific aesthetics without compromising professionalism. Introducing vibrant yellow accents, transparent layers for dynamic movement, and subtle blueprint-like patterns to add depth and character to the site’s visual elements.

Challenges & Solutions.

The website accommodates distinct user paths for job seekers and staffers, emphasizing job listings and placement opportunities. Aligning SitePro’s navigation and flows with other staffing sites under ZOE Holdings creates a cohesive user experience. Highlighting SitePro’s successful staffing collaborations with industry giants like Amazon, Meta, Intel, and other prominent names in construction enhances credibility and attracts top talent and partnerships.


The SitePro Solutions website successfully achieved a professional yet approachable online presence, capturing SitePro’s brand essence. By effectively incorporating industry-specific visual elements and showcasing high-profile projects, the platform stands out as a trusted hub for construction staffing needs. Furthermore, maintaining consistency across ZOE Holdings’ platforms ensures a seamless user experience across all staffing-related sites.