Sky Zone Mobile Navigation

Sky Zone Mobile Navigation

Project Overview.

In the course of the site rebrand for Sky Zone, a key focus was enhancing the mobile experience to seamlessly address essential user needs. A primary challenge involved optimizing the mobile interface for users to effortlessly locate, update, and complete safety waivers specific to their chosen Sky Zone venue. Additionally, the mobile navigation required efficient access to quick links for ticket purchases, memberships, and party packages, ensuring a user-friendly and streamlined journey.

Sky Zone
November 2022
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Mobile Design

User Research

To better understand the pain points in the location selection process I created a journey map. I needed to identify what and where in the process was causing so much discomfort. This user research backed up information found during the Sky Zone benchmark and competitive analysis – locking in user locations was killing the experience.

There is a clear consistent wave-like pattern to the user’s discomfort around selecting and re-selecting locations. Users must be locked into their location so that they can view accurate location-specific information, but we still want to give them the agency to actively make decisions on where they want to go with ease.


To address the challenge of optimizing the mobile experience for Sky Zone users, a strategic solution was implemented. A prominent blue banner beneath the main navigation was introduced, guiding users to the location slide-out. Within this feature, users could efficiently input their address or zip code, utilizing geolocation services or manual input, and select their preferred Sky Zone venue. Once a location was chosen, users remained locked into that selection until deliberate action was taken to change it, ensuring intentional location updates. The main slide-out navigation incorporated three icons, presenting users with distinct options to initiate the sales funnel seamlessly.

Notably, when users opted to complete a waiver, a modal prompted further confirmation of their selected location, effectively resolving issues related to incorrect safety waiver submissions. The results showcase a markedly improved mobile design that enhances user engagement and ensures a more streamlined and accurate Sky Zone experience.