Sky Zone Website Refresh

Sky Zone Website Refresh

Project Overview.

Circus Trix owns several trampoline park brands including DEFY – our first project with them. As a returning client, Circus Trix sought a complete overhaul of Sky Zone Trampoline Park’s web presence. The primary goal was to revamp web branding and enhance user experience to drive memberships and birthday party bookings. A crucial aspect was the creation of robust location-specific pages for franchises.

Sky Zone
November 2022
UI, UX, Adobe XD, Competitor Research

User Research

One of Circus Trix’s main goals for the Sky Zone site was a rebrand and new content strategy to better market their products and services like party packages, tickets, and memberships. The adventure park industry is quite competitive, I decided a site audit and competitive analysis to be the best research tools to get an idea of where Sky Zone was and where they needed to be to better serve their users.

One of the competitors I used to compare was DEFY – I knew that our work on that site drastically increased membership and ticket sales as well as user engagement. DEFY would be the ideal outcome of this project. Knowing where we needed to be helped me create a plan to get there from where we were. Urban Air is Sky Zone’s main competitor and understanding what our competitors do well helps us improve upon those features in ways that will specifically enhance the experience of our user base.

Brand Identity

Workshopping the new web brand identity with the Sky Zone team led us to personify the new site as DEFY’s younger brother. Where DEFY is edgy and cool, Sky Zone is fun, playful, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Sky Zone is also clean and trustworthy, this reflects the need to appeal to the parent as well as the young jumper.

The Sky Zone team provided us with a color scheme and their marketing brand collateral. This allowed us to take elements from their brick-and-mortar stores into the digital space to create a seamless experience from store to site. This also included creating patterns and animated elements that mimicked the movement and thems of real-life Sky Zone experiences like the foam pit, confetti, and more.

Challenges & Solutions.

This refresh required a design that resonated with younger kids while ensuring usability for parents. To enhance the visual appeal, we integrated playful tumbling shape animations and unique image treatments like overlays and collages for a visually appealing experience. Sky Zone needed a cohesive user flow that prominently feature the advantages of memberships, elevating party packages, and streamlining party bookings.


This project showcased successful collaboration with Circus Trix, resulting in an engaging and age-appropriate web experience for Sky Zone Trampoline Park. The refreshed website effectively highlighted memberships and party packages, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience across various platforms and locations.