South Pier At Tempe Town Lake

South Pier At Tempe Town Lake

Project Overview.

As newcomers to Arizona, McBride-Cohen sought a website to introduce their development company while showcasing their ambitious project, South Pier at Tempe Town Lake. The goal was to not only outline the project’s details but also build trust within the community by emphasizing the positive impact it would have on people’s lives.

McBride-Cohen Management Group
September 2022
UI, UX, Adobe XD

User Research

While workshopping the user needs and motivations with the South Pier team, I identified two specific personas we could use to establish motivation for content strategy – the Visitor and the Renter. They represented two subsets of people who might take an interest in or may be apprehensive about a huge change to the community.

The Visitor represents the user who may experience some pain points around the idea of a big project like South Pier and how we can use content strategy to ease the minds of locals and educate them on the benefits and possibilities with South Pier. The Renter is young, hip, and thrives in the nightlife. Balancing trust with excitement we can both sow confidence and excitement over South Pier.

Brand Identity

Aesthetically, Southe Pier required a design that balanced lightness and elegance while incorporating elements of fun. Through imagery I focused on conveying the project’s vision through conceptual renderings, especially highlighting the central feature, a towering Ferris wheel overlooking Tempe Town Lake. To balance photography passive patterns mirroring gentle lake waves, created a visually captivating experience. The color palette utilized a neutral and elegant combination of black, white, and gold, exuding sophistication and timelessness.

Challenges & Solutions.

The website needed to establish credibility and trust by demonstrating how the project would benefit the local community. Using a narrative-like flow, we highlighted how South Pier will enhance the community’s quality of life beyond economic impact.


Through elegant design elements and captivating imagery, the website elegantly conveyed South Pier’s future role in Tempe’s picturesque landscape. This project showcased a visually stunning website that effectively communicated the McBride-Cohen Management Group’s vision for South Pier at Tempe Town Lake, emphasizing community enrichment and trust-building within the beautiful setting of Tempe, Arizona.