U-Haul Towing Resource

U-Haul Towing Resource

Project Overview.

U-Haul offers an extensive range of resources for DIY movers, covering everything from trailers to hitches. Recognizing the wealth of information scattered across the vast website, consolidating it into a single, comprehensive location was the logical step forward

Design is the property of U-Haul International.

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U-Haul International
May 2015
UI, UX, Adobe XD

Challenges & Solutions.

The vast dispersion of towing information on uhaul.com prompted a comprehensive site audit to identify potential resources. This audit led to the establishment of several core categories: a dedicated hitch page, How-to videos, Hitch and Towing advice, Community outreach, and a useful glossary. Integral to this initiative was directing traffic towards towing products and services. The hitch page was strategically designed to integrate both educational content and direct links to products and services, fostering a seamless connection back to the product funnel.


The outcome was the establishment of a comprehensive hub dedicated to all aspects of DIY trailer and hitch resources. This encompassed safety tips, community engagement, essential products, a glossary, and beyond. To streamline this wealth of information, a central landing page was devised, directing users to specific sections. A dropdown feature from the main navigation was introduced to facilitate easy navigation within this resource hub.