YAM Properties Directory

YAM Properties Directory

Project Overview.

YAM Worldwide, founded by Bob Parsons, the owner of GoDaddy, sought a website for YAM Properties, a comprehensive directory of their shopping centers throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Users should be able to search for leasing opportunities, browse shop directories, and view upcoming events.

YAM Worldwide
September 2022
UI, UX, Adobe XD

User Research

After workshopping brand details and user needs with the YAM Worldwide team, two main user bases stood out – the Tenant and the Shopper. Personas were crafted around these user bases to empathize with their potential needs and motivations – one with a clearer path through the site and the other having more freedom to browse.

This marketing site should have clear paths for the Tenant to browse vacancies in each shopping center and learn more about their potential neighbors to make more informed decisions about their investment. The Shopper journey would follow a less decisive path, allowing them to peruse and wander on a self-guided journey of each center’s events and shop directories.

Brand Identity

The YAM Worldwide team presented me with lean brand guidelines on which to use as a base for my responsive design system. I incorporated subtle design elements derived from the YAM Properties logo, such as map marker imagery and accent circles, aligning with the YAM Properties brand identity.

Their monochromatic color scheme was expanded to include shades of gray and a pop of blue to add more depth to elements on the site. The visual design highlighted the client’s stunning photography through large hero images and image collages. This would both attract our Tenant and Shopper userbases while inspiring the Tenant to potentially see themselves and their business in those images.

Challenges & Solutions.

The primary goal was to develop a robust responsive website showcasing all YAM-owned shopping centers, providing individual property pages detailing leasing opportunities, store directories, floor plans, and property-specific information. Additionally, an integrated event calendar highlighting events across all properties was crucial.

The content strategy surrounded creating a narrative for each shopping center to inspire the Tenants to create their own stories should they lease there, and encourage Shoppers to visit and experience those spaces for themselves. The visuals and content create the motivation for YAM’s user base.


This project resulted in the successful creation of a robust and visually engaging website for YAM Properties, enabling users to explore leasing opportunities, access property-specific information, and stay informed about events across multiple YAM-owned shopping centers in Phoenix, Arizona.